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 "Jazz is not a what, it is a how." Bill Evans




I can understand your confusion if you have always, as many do, considered Jazz as something strictly tied to smoky bars and Saxophone players!

Let me explain just for a moment:

During the last century, Cello has become everyday more popular not only as classical instrument but it has inspired also many sound experiments in other contexts, probably thanks also to its uncommonly wide range (a Cello has the same range of the four Saxes combined!!!).

My interest when approaching Jazz Cello is not only to produce "covers" of famous standards but to rediscover a form of art that seems to have been forgotten and almost feared in the classical music circles: IMPROVISATION

What is improvisation?

Even if nowadays it is mainly associated with Jazz, improvisation is an art form that was pretty common since the early times: one illustrious example is that J.S. Bach himself, during his lifetime, was better known for his improvisations at the keyboard than for his compositions!

Improvisation is what makes the musician being able to perceive an order where others cannot and then act on it through a process that meets half way between creation and tradition.

I believe that this is an invaluable skill that needs to be nurtured and can, once applied, make the artist be able to produce beyond the categories that the market imposes and, why not, maybe applied even outside the musical world.


That being said: no need of a music degree to listen to my music :)

Please share and support this idea if you can....

Mid-17th century somewere in Europe this "Violone" (big violin) was born. its function? Playing and improvising on the "basso continuo" (pretty much the same job that a modern Double bass does today)

In the beginning

Why Jazz Cello? (in short)

Sometime in the Romantic era this instrument got its modern form and the technique progressed so much that cello gradually took a more soloistic place .

But the more virtuosistic the repertoire became less room there was for improvisation

The golden era

it is of the last years the rediscover of improvisation and the use of cello in non classical formations. We explore new techniques finding styles differences obsolete and we work "beyhond categories"... It is a exciting time to be a cellist!

Jazz and impro

Why Improvisation?

where do we go from here?

Well, nobody knows, stay tuned





Film and Commercial music

"Lucio Franco Amanti, born November 14, 1977, is an Italian cellist and composer. Amanti´s music is characterized by the integration of jazz and pop idiom into classical music forms."


Born in Montreal Canada in 1977 to Italian parents, Mr. Amanti lives in Germany were he divides his time between composing symphonic and chamber music and for commercial and films while performing his “new” kind of Jazz.


He writes since 2009 for Schott Music International. Premiers of his works are regularly performed worldwide by musicians such as Eckart Runge , Arnau Thomas and the Armida Quartett .

He also works for major design companies and for clients such as AUDI, Siemens and Deutsche Post.


As soloist he performed in many classical and jazz venues in USA, France, Italy, Germany and UK (Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Leverkusener Jazztage...).


As teacher Mr. Amanti has given lectures at the Universität der Künste "Jazz Institut Berlin" and at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music., International chamber music festival .


My Story



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