Beethoven illuminated anew

Beethoven illuminated anew


Just done writing the first draft for my string quartett Re-Sol-Ut-Io commissioned by the Cuarteto Casals and that will premiere sometime in Jan. 2018 for the first Amsterdam String quartet biennale.

“In conjunction with six major concert halls, Cuarteto Casals is commissioning six composers from countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, asking each to reflect or comment upon a given program in the Beethoven cycle with a short work illuminating a specific feature of each grouping.” read more


here is the story that inspired the quartet :


Beethoven/Amanti synopsis:

Our tale begins in a square, the main square of a fictional city somewhere between Italy and Spain.

The sun is shining with that Mediterranean heat that sharpens colors and make people longing for the fresh air under the trees.

Street musicians from different groups play their instruments creating a bizarre and unplanned ensemble with a rhythm somewhere between Tarantella and Buleria while from far away themes from the romantic masterwork start floating on top of the street sounds. Maybe one or more musician of the quartet that today will perform Beethoven´s “the harp” forgot to close the window of their practice room…

One of the street musicians without realizing it (maybe he was listening too) starts variations on that theme that eventually is picked up from the whole square and it becomes a song.

While the song is playing and the rhythm is becoming more intense we notice that the musicians from the quartet have left the practice room and decided to walk to the square to join the feast.

They of course bring what makes classical music transcend time and maybe even tastes: they bring a fugue (based on the head of the theme of the 3rd movement Presto).

The street musicians try to keep up with the form but they end up misunderstanding the theme and instead of the “harp” theme they use the more famous 5th symphony (Allegro con brio).

The difference between this themes is actually surprisingly negligible, instead of chaos this dialogue creates more possibilities and a buildup that eventually culminate in a new kind of dance that somehow incorporates all the elements that where played before!

All of a sudden, unfortunately, we just realize that it started raining… everybody leaves and the Quartet runs away to get to the safety of the theater green room.

They briefly wipe some dust off of their suits, tune their instrument properly and they walk on stage to perform:

Beethoven String quartet op. 74 “the Harp”.


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