“Ceci n’est pas une fugue”

“Ceci n’est pas une fugue”

There is a beautiful story about J.S. Bach:
King Frederic “The great” had a great passion for music (he was himself also composer and Flutist)
and he was also the protector of many notable musicians like Quantz and C.P.E. Bach, but he always
wished to meet the legendary “Old Bach” in person.

His desire, went unfulfilled for many years until a summer night of 1747 where the composer
unexpectedly showed up at his door.

That evening the King cancelled his planned concert to accompany his honored guest in a peculiar
visit to his Castle in Brandenburg: during the tour Bach had to perform a different improvisation on
each one of the king´s newly acquired Silbermann Fortepianos (apparently he had bought at least 15 of

The old man played along and after a while asked the king for a new theme to improvise on.
The theme was so complex that Bach, after played a first version, when asked to make it a 6 parts
fugue, couldn´t improvise it!

He eventually went back home, wrote it down and sent it to the king: the “Musikalisches Opfer” was

Well, since I have heard this story I really wanted to deal too with this theme so tricky and beautiful.
So here is a (sort of) double fugue on a blues and the famous “Royal Theme”

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