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‘The idea of writing a ‘Jazz Suite for cello solo’ came out when I tried to imagine how it would have sounded like if one of the baroque masters (Gabrielli, Buxtehude, Bach) had lived in our time and wanted to write a suite of dances.

I thought it would probably still keep some of the conventions of the traditional form, like maybe the use of a Prelude to establish the key and the alternation of slow with fast movements. But some things would have definitely been different: the harmonies, for example would probably have been more complex and not always tonal. Also the popular dances used as workbench for the suite would have been not gigues or Bourees but perhaps latin american or Jazz standards.
Well, since the great masters are unfortunately not able at the moment to accept my challenge, I had to write it myself. I hope you will enjoy it.

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After ‘Jazz Suite’ for solo violoncello (Schott, CB 224), the Italian cellist and jazz musician Lucio Amanti explores the possibilities of jazz music on the cello in this sonata with piano accompaniment. He wants to offer new ways and styles to cellists coming from the classical tradition. This is why this piece is also based on his own improvisations united in form of a sonata.

The result is an interesting crossover effect between jazz music and traditional sonata form, a rewarding concert piece with many different characters and ingredients: a bit of bebop, a touch of Latin and tango, some cool jazz, a hint of Stravinsky and much more. All these elements are treated equally and make this jazz sonata a suitable piece for the concert hall and the jazz club alike.

An interesting addition to the repertoire for open-minded cellists.

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Amanti’s second Jazz-Sonate shows a modern approach to the Sonata Form:

After a brief cadenza a groovy pattern is set and then a fun ride starts spacing from Jazz, Fusion (Eckuinox), a tango and based on a Pergolesi theme (Pulcinella´s secret), a ballad until eventually finish with a tribute to J.s. Bach and his Royal theme (ceci n´est pas une fugue)

A little harder then the previous compositions but, trust me, it is worth the extra effort!

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premiere in Berlin (April 2015) performed by Eckart Runge and Armida Quartet

Amanti’s first string quintet (2014) looks into Creation in less than 20 minutes and is a rewarding interactive audience piece.
‘Spiritual’ is inspired by the gospel tradition. Beautiful solos lead from ‘Genesis’ to ‘Dodecaphonically yours’. ‘Vamp’ (a solo of violin I) represents Adam who has to continue with creation on God’s harmonic canvas. This is where the contact with the audience is initiated, and the joint improvisation results in an emotional concert experience.
With information of the composer on the performance of the work.

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The Italian cellist Lucio Amanti devotes himself to the crossover between classical and jazz music. His well-known ‘Jazz Suite’ for cello solo bridges the gap between the solo suites by Bach and the jazz music of our time.
Now he attends for the first time to the subject of the étude, with suggestions from pop, jazz and improvisation. The individual études use different styles from jazz ballad to samba rhythms to funk music.

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Why a book with jazz duets for cello beginners? This book of duets by the Italian jazz cellist and teacher Lucio Amanti wants to give cellists a first introduction into the jazz styles. All 25 pieces are written for the first cello in the first position, with the pieces becoming gradually more demanding with regard to fingering, bowing and harmony.
Many of the pieces contain harmonic symbols in order to give the pupil (and the teacher) the chance to try their first improvisations. They can first play the piece as notated in the book and then repeat the section notated with chords as if it were a jazz standard.

A new and fresh impetus for cello lessons!

Premiere of my Jazz Sonata by Eckart RUnge and Jacques Ammon at the Teatro "Ridotto" in Trieste (Italy)
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